We’ve been busy!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been crazy busy working with a few of our FAVORITE brands around.

Those brands are Bumkins and Lillebaby! Both baby products but totally make life easier.

We are a very busy family and babywearing has been a huge huge part of our everyday life. We seriously couldn’t get by without a carrier. Like the world would end for us.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from these events!

You can get a carrier for yourself at http://www.lillebaby.com

Those Mickey and Minnie plates can be found here! https://www.bumkins.com


It is me…

I’ve never been the one to open up and share how my feelings are effecting my everyday life but I feel I might need to start. I’m by all means not looking for a pity party or trying to gain attention. My blog is my safe place, my place to open and talk.

Recently I was diagnosed with depression, I always knew it could creep up and strike at any given moment but I never thought it would be me.

Well, it is me.

The doctor started me on medication and it hasn’t started working. At least that I have noticed.

Its starting to really effect my everyday life as well.

Matt can be home, the boys can be home yet I feel so alone. I feel like I can’t get anything right or I’m not good enough.

I have no desire to do anything around the house because it’s so emotionally overwhelming..I do push through and get things done but while doing so I feel like I can’t breathe, like the world is closing in on me.

I wish I knew how to make these feelings stop, make them dim or just be able to go away for a short time.

I miss laughing and smiling without an effort.


Three years ago Matthew and I got married, it wasn’t anything fancy or expensive. Just small and personal. We were surrounded by family and our closest friends. It was a day that set the tone for the rest of our lives.

We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs but it isn’t anything we can not handle. Matt is truly my best friend and I couldn’t ever dream of a day without him in it.

He is the best father and partner I could have ever asked for.

With being married to Matthew I also became married to his job. We are a Union family.

Matthew works for the IBEW Local 640 here out of Arizona, which brings a lot of long hours and some travel. His local specifies in commercial electrical work.

With being a union wife I have learned how to manage a lot of the housework, shopping, and everyday activities without him. Which hasn’t been easy by any means, but we have done it. Remington has started preschool now and that has really helped with getting the housework done, I also meal plan and prep once or twice a week so we have everything ready to go. Life is always changing as a union family, and that always brings new adventures.

I’d love to share more about being a union wife but there is still so much I am learning and trying to figure out.

Nursing struggles

Between Mastitis, thrust, poor latches, clogged ducts, and leaking through nursing pads the last thing I wanted to worry about was my clothing.

So, I went on a hunt for cost friendly and effective nursing clothes.

We here are still activity nursing at 5 months old.

I’ve tried everything with my normal wardrobe to make nursing easier and NOTHING worked.

Finally we found a clothing brand that works well for us.

That brand is Undercover Mama!

They have the most amazing tunic tee ever and it’s made nursing so much easier.

I love having the option to look cute and be covered and modest when nursing. The price point is also super amazing.

I totally can see myself wearing their clothing once our nursing journey is over as well which makes this brand all the better.

I am so thankful to have found this company to handle all of our nursing needs.

Their link for shopping is: https://undercovermama.com

The Tunic Tee by Undercover Mama

What they don’t know

Because brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone”
– Jolene Perry

What these two don’t know is that their mommy hopes, prays and begs that they become best friends. That one day when mommy and daddy are gone they call each other and share memories without it being strange.

That when Remington goes off to college Ruger begs to go to.

That if bail money was ever needed…they call the other brother first…We PRAY that’s never the case.

I hope they know they can lean on each other.

I hope they stand together when times are rough.

I hope that Matthew and I raise them to share, love, and treasure each other.

Those moments….

You know those moments of pure joy? The ones that come from watching your child do something for the first time?

Yeah! Me too.

Well that’s what this is all about…those bitter sweet moments…Remington is my wild child, my free spirit who is always up to something, if he’s quiet you go looking to see what he’s into.

When bringing home Ruger I was overly worried about how Remington would adjust, he had been our only child for 2 years. He was accustomed to just mommy, daddy, and him. It was going to be a huge change and I had NO clue how to prepare him. No matter how many things I read, or activities we did there was no sure way to guarantee he would be okay with having a baby around.

As time went on of having Ruger home, he warmed up and began to ask to hold him and sit by him. Which brings me to this blog tonight, the first memory of Remington wanting to hold his baby brother.

That moment was my reassurance that adding another baby to the family was indeed a good idea. From the very start Remington loved his brother.

It feels like yesterday that we had this moment, and those moments keep growing.

Five months into having 2 kids and things are so sweet. Remington and Ruger are forming their bond and I absolutely couldn’t be more happy.

Photography done by Gail Jenkins Roser at Grand Photography


We’ve got 2

When we first brought Remington home the whole world changed. Normal for us was no longer normal. It wasn’t just Matthew and I anymore, we had this little human here too. Who we adored and wanted nothing but the best for. Life was rough in the start, I was recovering from an emergency C-section, learning how to breastfeed, and learning how to balance my new role as mom as well as trying to be a wife as well. Which wasn’t easy, but eventually we got the hang of things and daddy went back to work and being a family of 3 became our new normal.

Well, a few months later..okay a lot of months later..we decided to add another little human to our party. So, we went about our life and eventually got those two blue lines saying we were in fact expecting another little. This is where life became interesting and normal was about to change again. Matt was working five to six days a week ten hours straight and I was left to handle the home and the appointments and all the other everyday life duties.

Pregnancy is not something that is easy for me, so doing everything semi-alone was terrifying and something I wasn’t really ready for but we did it. We made it. And, we welcomed Ruger in February of 2018. This is where the fun REALLY began. Again, I was recovering from a c-section,  relearning how to nurse, and being a mom to my just turned 2 year old, boy was this rough…we learned so much in just the first few days home.

We learned EXTREMELY fast that Remington  needed to know how to be soft when dealing with babies, he had never really been around anyone younger than him so I expected this. We are actually still trying to work on this 5 months later….Boys are ROUGH! We also learned that we really needed to make healthier food choices,  needed to learn how to pack a diaper bag for two, and the biggest one how to be on time with two kids…which is really not easy still.

Life, was all over crazy and hectic and  most importantly new. WHICH IS OKAY!

Packing for two was easy to figure out after the first two weeks, some diapers for Rem, some diapers for Ruger and so forth..I’ll make another post some time for what we pack in our bag…..The healthy foods, yeah that was a hard one and we are still trying to figure it all out, we slip up often. Which, it’s totally normal to slip up and all but it’s something I really would just rather not do. I feel it’s easier to fall of then get back on, but that’s for another time. I also have no tips or tricks on getting out the door, we haven’t even figured that out…we just blame the kids for us being late..works every time.

I never knew how hard it could be to juggle time between both babies either, you really try to be equal and balanced but in all honesty Ruger gets more attention than Remington and I am really trying to balance and fix that.

All in all learning how to juggle two is hard. Figuring it out may never happen but we make the best with the worst!